About Business Aggregate

about our group

Business Aggregate is a Group of Distinct and Independent Companies, registered in different worldwide jurisdictions, established since 2012, having representative offices in Dubai and Mumbai, offering Proprietary Financial Participation and External Business Solutions to Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporates and SMEs for transactions encompassing Capital Markets, International Trade and Infrastructure Projects.

Over the years, the Group has developed a global network of Corporates, SMEs, Banks, Bilateral and Multilateral Financial Institutions in over 50 countries and has cultivated long lasting professional relationships with them. With this strong network, the Group is capable of providing quick and cost effective in house and external solutions to its existing and constantly developing wide array of marquee clientele and associates across the globe, encompassing a wide range of industries.

Business Aggregate is committed to working relentlessly for providing the Best Solution available for suitable Projects and Trade Transactions.